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When I started my hypnotherapy with Mark I felt anxious and stressed. He set out a program to suit my needs – after my first session I already felt so much better and hopeful. I really enjoyed the chit-chat prior to the hypnosis, especially that Mark gave me lots of tips, guidance and extra tools to handle circumstances I found difficult. I even learned how to do self-hypnosis. Mark is very passionate about his work and focuses on the individual’s life situation. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool and it helped me to become confident and positive again. Thanks to Mark I am so much happier and at ease when life throws challenges at me.
Mrs W
I highly recommend Mark. He is amazing at what he does! I am very busy, working full time and raising three small kids. I had quite a bit of anxiety. After a few sessions I saw a noticeable difference in my behaviors. He is very calm, easy to talk to and very patient. Thank you so much!
Mrs I
I went to see Mark to help me deal with anxiety and stress. He taught me some great techniques which not only helped me overcome these issues but also with better and more restful sleep. I can highly recommend Mark, he is so easy to talk to and genuinely wants to help others. I enjoyed our meetings, I would suggest you give Mark a call to see how he can help you.
Mr M
Awesome bloke. Very helpful and good at what he does. Helped me with lots of things and is very understanding! Thank you very much! Will be using again and recommending to people!
Mr B
New Milton
I highly recommend Mark. For me, it has been a liberating experience. Mark has helped me overcome childhood trauma and anxiety and re-route my future goals. Such a positive experience! Mark is very personable, professional, and highly experienced. A joy to work with! "Hypnosis is not what you think it is - it's what you think it is
Miss M
Our 13 yr old son suffered severe anxiety after a traumatic event. For months he couldn't leave home for fear of dying. Having done some cbt with him it was very slow progress, then lockdown came and made matters worse. However, Mark came to our rescue. We cannot recommend him highly enough. Our initial consultation was very relaxed and informative and completely put our son at ease. Very quickly we could see a positive change, and within 4 sessions with Mark our son transformed to his old pre anxious self. The joy to see him smiling, hear him laughing, chatting away animatedly and the confidence within himself is incredible to see. He goes out with his friends, there's nothing stopping him now. We are so grateful to Mark, he's taught our son a life skill, one we weren't able to.
Master Z
Just to update you I was offered the job. This was the job I wanted. Interestingly, I was also offered another job by another company at exactly the same time. They really liked me. It was a hard decision to make. Of course, this is all thanks to the help you gave me with my confidence in my job interviews. It really made a difference and I credit it to you, so thank you. So a few weeks ago I started listening to the audio that you prepared for me last year. Although you prepared it to help me with job interviews I feel it has made a difference now. I feel a lot less scared to speak out and calmer and at times quite confident. So I really feel I will benefit from a more targeted audio as I'm still not where I should be. I am also interested in the MindScaping you mentioned as I really feel I need to achieve confidence and success but something is holding me back and it is really frustrating.
Miss J
Sometimes it takes years of searching to find the right person to help - and the right therapy. Mark has, as far as my family is concerned, been the answer to our prayers after many years of dead ends looking for help. He is approachable, rational and incredibly empathetic. The transformation I have seen in my son is little short of miraculous giving him the confidence to think positively, less anxiously and angrily and starting up a virtuous circle that was a negative one across all aspects of his life. I would urge anyone, of any age, whatever their concern, to give Mark a try in person or by Skype. You will wish you had done it sooner.
Mrs P
Mark Williams Hypnotherapy is a really excellent service. Mark is very relaxed, supportive and attentive therapist which makes the sessions incredibly productive. Approach your sessions with confidence and a desire to succeed and before you know it your life will be improving. Despite Mark moving away from the area he has been very supportive over email, providing audios to help continue with the therapy.
Mr B
My husband first found out about what Mark offers on spotted in Andover, as our 11 year old son suffers from anxiety. I arranged an appointment with Mark and have not looked back. The sessions last for about an hour, the first one you meet Mark and he explains everything that is going to happen. Of course when your child is hypnotised they are on their own with Mark. At no point did I feel for the safety of my child, some of the sessions he was hypnotised, but not for the whole of them. Our son now wants to go shopping with me, even though he still does not want to go to parties and eat in public yet, but he is going to School which we had a problem with before Marks sessions. We would recommend Mark to anyone whose children suffer from anxiety or any problems.
Mrs K
I can recommend Mark 100%. Mark helped me with my fear of heights, and I haven’t looked back. Totally professional, it’s clear Mark genuinely wants to help. As well as the 1-2-1 sessions Mark provides audio tapes and email/phone support, you never feel like you can’t ask a question or share your achievements between sessions. I have recently done the ‘EdgeWalk’ on top of the CN tower in Toronto.... all 356metres above ground, before seeing Mark I would have felt sick looking up at it from the ground, I’m so grateful that with Mark’s help and hypnotherapy I didn’t miss out of this amazing adventure!
Mrs B
Mark has helped me more than I could ever explain. I had suffered with social anxiety and panic attacks for the last 18 months since having my daughter. I had countless appointments with my GP, had tried medication and had tried online CBT but they all simply explained my feelings, not how to overcome them. I couldn't go out with my daughter unless I went with family/friends or it was somewhere I knew very well. I would constantly panic that someone was watching and judging me as a mother. With Mark's help I have refound my confidence and am now able to deal with and overcome my anxieties. I haven't had a panic attack in weeks, am completely off medication, no longer fear new places or situations and I know I am a good mum. Recently I have even been able to take my daughter to a local soft play that was busy with lots of other children and parents (something I would have previously steered away from) and we had a lovely time, just the two of us. I was so proud of this that I messaged Mark as soon as I got home! Mark hasn't just helped me, he has in turn helped my daughter and my family too. I am confident in my future and the coping measures Mark has taught me but also know that Mark is still there for me should I need him. He is very friendly, professional and passionate about his work, the atmosphere of his office (Andover) is calming and comfortable and I would urge anyone who is suffering with anxieties to get in touch with Mark.
Mrs A
Welcoming and professional first experience. In just two sessions Mark supported me to stop playing with my hair which I'd done for almost 20 years. He has kindly provided an audio tape to use on going. I recommend giving it a go as the first consultation is free and relaxed.
Miss K
I highly recommend everything about Mark, he is a great person for this role and plays a huge role in helping you get back to where you need to be both inside sessions and out! From the first initial meeting I was made to feel super comfortable (and every other session), given the most information giving me a great understanding of the practice and just being put at complete ease! Today was the last of the sessions set out for me and I honestly can't explain the self progress I feel and the journey I have gone on since the first session. As much as I wanted to defeat anxiety, so did Mark! Without being so lovely, kind and comfortable to be around none of that would of happened. I will definitely be going for a pop up session in future if I need help with anything or just ensuring I'm on the same great path he guided me onto.
Miss W
Mark is a welcoming, friendly, caring person who genuinely wants to help. Good listener and thinks about how you can work together to get the best results. Thank you for all your help with my anxiety.
Miss J
Mark has already helped me no end with just one session and an audio recording. We still have some way to go to conquer my 30 year fear but I have already noticed such a dramatic difference in my pigeon phobia. It really had changed my everyday and given me such confidence and a new lease of life! I can't wait for our next session and conquer it once and for all. Thank you Mark!
Mrs B
For all of my 79 years of life I have had two phobias. 1. Not being able to eat a banana or even tolerate their smell. 2. Although I can swim a little, as soon as I am in the water my confidence goes. Having recently had hypnotherapy from Mark, I am now able to eat bananas and can tolerate their smell. As for swimming, I now feel that I have enough confidence to get into a pool and enjoy swimming. This, I am sure will be proven when we soon go on holiday. I would thoroughly recommend you seeing Mark if you have any problems. Don’t delay, make a change to your life now. Hypnotherapy really works. Thank you Mark
Mrs G
Having been an elite athlete for over 15 years, representing Great Britain in judo you would believe I am a confident person. However, confidence is context specific and on the mat I am comfortable but stepping into the real world of employment posed a large challenge for me. Most projects I am involved in are with people who have been in this environment for years, and I am often anxious that I have anything of value to offer. Working with Mark has helped me exceptionally, in that he helped build my confidence to speak up in the workplace and have conviction with my inputs. I can't recommend Mark enough, he was empathetic, encouraging and offered practical solutions and support for me going through this transition in my life.
Mr A
Mark explained everything and went very slowly. I feel I have greatly benefited and now I have been getting 4 hours sleep. I had given up on sleeping, thinking I would never get any real sleep again. Now with a lot of help from Mark, I am now starting to sleep again, and it makes you feel so much better instead of half dead all day.
Miss D
My interest in hypnosis came about to help my health anxiety. My belief was it would work, and it has. The sessions were of enormous benefit as I only knew of hypnosis from the television and found out how different it is. I found it easy to engage and enjoy the sessions as I connected with Mark straight away and felt comfortable. Nothing could have been done differently. I have already been trying to practice self-hypnosis. I most certainly would recommend Mark to others.
Mr D
I was interested in Hypnosis because it was recommended to me by a friend who had been to see Mark and they felt that it benefitted them so I was interested in seeing if it could help me. My initial belief was that it would be like being under a trance and being spoken to sort out the habit, however, since my sessions I have realised how powerful hypnosis can be while you’re awake as well and even just through conversation at giving you the confidence to overcome your fear. The sessions were very enjoyable and easy to engage with as you could see that Mark was very passionate about helping people overcome their problems and explained every theory and method, so I always felt comfortable while under hypnosis, which enabled me to believe in myself, so I felt like really making progress each week. I liked that each session we tried a different idea which kept it all interesting. I also have had two audio tapes that I listen to regularly when practising hypnotherapy on my own and I find these helpful. I would recommend Mark to lots of my friends, who have been interested since I mentioned it to them and I would not send them anywhere else.
Miss T
I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for all your help. I know we started off with my fear of needles, but you accommodated your help to anxiety when my life took an unexpected turn. The help, tools and understanding you have helped me through a difficult time where I would have just caved in and expected, but for the first time I didn't, and I stood my ground and stood up for myself. It was the tools and calming techniques that got me through it all. I so enjoyed your passion and your excitement to pass on your knowledge, and you were so understanding and thoughtful throughout.
Mrs V