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Thank you for your interest in this part of my work. So many hypnosis audios are available off the shelf and there are so many variations on the same themes. I am therefore keen to make mine slightly different.

It is not my intention to offer dozens, but to offer a chosen few in order for you to experience the effectiveness, then I want you to get in touch so I can provide a more personalised audio for you.

For hypnosis to be effective it has to be collaborative and therefore these audios are the start to your journey of change. The audios I have produced are not copied from a script, they are how I interpret the issue and get success with my clients. I have taken time to put them together using evidence base techniques as the core. I have carefully moulded them to the style of my work. I use indirect and direct methods throughout as well as my own creative ideas, so I hope you enjoy them.

When I was deciding what audios to produce for my website, I wanted to provide you with the best ones which should help you overcome just about anything. These six audios will help with such things as phobias and bad habits. I do not need to produce therefore an audio on being scared of heights as with the help I provide you can overcome fear. However, if you did want a specific audio, which you feel is not available here I am happy to produce a bespoke one for you, so please get in touch.

Music has been added to the audios. However, I conduct my sessions without music when in the clinic or on-line, so as a bonus I provide both versions for you.


I have also provided a short video free with any audio purchased. Please listen carefully to my helpful instructions in order to benefit more from the audios. If you have any questions please get in touch so I can help you further.