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I will promise you one thing, I dedicate my time to provide you with comprehensive help & support. So let me explain: 

 I offer modern Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, CBT & Life Coaching in Hampshire, Online & around the world. I have a clinic in New Milton and Lymington. So you can choose which location suits you best for face-to-face.

I also work with couples, businesses  and conference groups where I tailor make the presentation or therapy sessions according to your needs.  We can do this Online or I can travel to your venue.

Contact me for a free online consultation for your first step to success and then decide if you want my help. I will make things clear and simple. I want you to be comfortable with the way we work together.

I will help you overcome your challenges, bad habits, issues in your life. I dedicate myself to your issue and provide you with comprehensive tools and advise. I go further than other therapists do with my support.

Using a combination of NLP, CBT, EFT & Hypnosis I will help you achieve your goals.  Great success is achievable with motivation, determination & positivity. 

Deciding to see a hypnotherapist and choosing the right one is an essential step in your journey to success. 

But, if you doubt Hypnosis and want Scientific Evidence, please email me and I will be glad to send you the proof.

Remember, it is an investment you are making for the rest of your life. So contact me now