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How Much Will A Personal Treatment Plan Cost?

Everyone’s case is individual, and every client responds differently to hypnosis. I offer a free no obligation Online Consultation so that we can discuss your challenges, get to know each other and understand if I can be of benefit to you. It is then down to you if we would like to work with me and overcome your challenges. Please remember that this form of therapy is a collaborative process for it to be effective and will take commitment and dedication even after the sessions finish.

Sessions can be with couples or groups too. I hold events and webinars for companies who want to offer their staff something different- Something I really enjoy.

Online sessions are really effective. Many of my testimonials are from online clients, which proves this. The cost for an online session is cheaper than face to face. I always try to be understanding with my charges so find it better to discuss that at your consultation.

I accept most forms of payment – cash, online transfers and credit card via this website here.

How many sessions will I need?

‘Rapid inductions’ and ‘one session wonders’ may work short term, but are not as successful as a long-term personal treatment plan, which achieves more significant success. Clinical studies show that the average number of sessions, to achieve success, is usually a minimum of 4 to 6. Some say that they have noticed the difference in just one session. However, for therapy to last, and be more effective, you need a comprehensive treatment plan. At the consultation, we can talk about your needs, and I can advise you of the right plan for you and the number of sessions I recommend. My sessions are outcome based, not time based. For you to gain benefit, you will need to work towards your goal and undertake personal tasks between your weekly sessions. It is a collaborative process, so we work together each week.


My hours are fully flexible to try and suit my clients. I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments at one of my clinics or online.

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