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Ego Strengthening

A very important base audio/tool to use every day to help strengthen your confidence, competence, positivity, physical being and sleep.


This is a method I use with all my clients in every session and it is done as the first step in a clients treatment plan.

It makes such a difference to your daily routine when you are more upbeat and positive. So many clients have told me what a difference it has made them feel after a 10/15 minute routine of using this.

The process during the audio works using repeated suggestions that go round and round enforcing the ideas. Use this audio alongside another in my series to find the two help one another.

I would urge you to listen to my introduction first if it is your first experience of hypnotherapy with myself. This will allow you to get the best from the audio and learn how to adopt the right mindset. You will need to be completely committed yourself and not just rely on listening to my audio for the next ten days.

Too many people believe that listening to these audios once, whilst they drift off to sleep at night will do the trick- this is not the case. The methods in this audio are ones used by many of my clients and have proved very effective.

Once you have listened to it, should you need any further tuition or guidance please get in touch.

I intend to help you more than most audios or websites.